How better onboarding can boost employee effectiveness

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Onboarding is viewed by many as an essential business function. However, not all companies have an established onboarding process in place – and those that do are often dissatisfied with it. When you think of the primary goal of onboarding – to minimise the time to the effectiveness of a new employee – it’s a wonder some companies don’t take it more seriously.   A recent study by the Harvard Business Review found that 22% of companies had no formal onboarding programme, whilst 49% only rated their onboarding procedure as ‘somewhat successful’. Yet it’s not just about the missed opportunity,…

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Simplifying the implementation of HR software

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HR software is supposed to make our lives easier and our working time more productive. But we’re all familiar with projects that haven’t gone to plan, implementation processes that have gone over schedule, budgets exceeded, and promised benefits seemingly as far away at the end of the process, as they were at the start. In most cases, the problem isn’t the software. It’s the way the software is implemented. But there are ways to manage implementation so that you avoid the major pitfalls and get the true benefits of your HR software. One of the first places to start is…

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Why is Emotional Intelligence Important?

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Emotional intelligence (EQ) has actually been a ‘known fact’ for more than the last few decades. In fact, our perception of its importance predates the coining of the phrase in the 1964 paper by Michael Beldoch. It has had different names – from ‘social intelligence’ to ‘emotional strength’ – but its importance has always been undeniable. In fact, some research states that Emotional Intelligence is responsible for 58% of your job performance and that 90% of top performers have high EQ. So what is it? And why is Emotional Intelligence important in the workplace? What is Emotional Intelligence? Emotional Intelligence…

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Will chatbots change the way recruitment works?

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We’ve got some news that might surprise you. If you’ve recently used a ‘live chat’ feature on a website in order to speak to the people behind it, you may have inadvertently been conversing with a very clever piece of software. Surprised? That’s no surprise because chatbots are changing the way customer service is delivered digitally. Will the rise of the chatbot impact recruitment? And if it does, will it be for better or worse? What is a chatbot? A chatbot, as alluded to above, is a piece of software that imitates human responses to questions. They draw from large…

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5 ways to create an employee on-boarding process everyone will love

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If you work in HR, you’ll have been on both sides of the on-boarding fence. You’ve been hired and done the hiring, but you’ll know that, depending on the business for which you work, neither scenario can be a particularly nice place to be. Think of the new jobs you’ve started where you were thrust into a room full of people you’d never met before, plonked at your desk, given a couple of manuals relating to the tools you’ll be using and left to work it all out for yourself. Wasn’t much fun, was it? Now consider those new hires…

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