hr data integrity

How to maintain HR data integrity at home

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As a department, HR holds probably the most sensitive data in your entire organisation. From contact details to National Insurance numbers, bank details and dates of birth; failing to keep this data under lock and key can land you in hot water with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) and a fine of up to €20 million under the rules of the GDPR. With so many of us still working from home – with many more still transitioning to a 100% remote model – maintaining the integrity of HR data has become challenging. HR leaders must ensure the data they collect…

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cybersecurity for employees

6 ways to ensure cybersecurity for remote workers

By | Employee Management, Security

Large swathes of UK employees already work remotely; whether by design or by default, working away from the office is increasingly commonplace. Fuelled by improvements in technology and cloud-based software, remote workers are not only a new normal, but flexible working has come to be an expected perk for many. Research carried out in 2019 by the International Workplace Group, found that 80% of people said that when faced with two similar jobs, they would turn down the position that didn’t offer flexible working conditions. Furthermore, data from the Office of National Statistics found that the number of remote workers…

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Data security in HR

Data security in HR (Encouraging your employees to be security-savvy)

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If you attended the recent CIPD Annual Conference at Manchester Central on 6th and 7th November, you may have listened to a talk from our very own CEO and Co-Founder, Jason Dowzell who discussed how you can encourage your employees to be security-savvy. If you missed it you can download the slides by completing this short form: Jason covered some important aspects regarding data security in HR, including system passwords, phishing and social engineering and how they can breach your sensitive data. What is sensitive data? Firstly, to be security-savvy, we need to understand what sensitive data actually is. In…

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browser support

Update on browser support

By | Security

Effective immediately, we are updating our supported browsers list to reflect changes made as a result of PCI DSS 3.1. PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and is a standard to which we comply as we process card payments online as well being recognised as a best practice for internet security including sites using https. Under PCI, this is a requirement for “strong cryptography” and, as of PCI 3.1, this means sites must use TLS 1.2 and can no longer use SSL 3.0 and early TLS. Read more here. The result of these changes is that…

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Is security ever anything but inconvenient?

By | Security

A real dilemma our team faces day after day is how to ensure the security and integrity of clients data whilst also trying to find a balance with making the system easy to use. For example, we used to insist on system access requiring a PIN number as well as a password – we now make that optional for the company to decide whether to use or not. It means the system is quicker and easier to access but it also means if an employee uses the same password on multiple sites and those other sites get compromised then someone…

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