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14 experts share their best advice for HR success

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The HR department is often the lifeblood of many organisations, and with good reason. With your people often being the largest outlay that a company will incur, the success of your HR team is often reflected in that of the wider business. Long gone are the days when HR was considered to be little more than an administrative function; HR teams are now being recognised as a department that is critical to success. Here at Natural HR, we are lucky enough to work with some of the very best and brightest people in the profession: from our fantastic customers at…

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What is a business continuity plan

What is a business continuity plan and how can HR support it?

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A business continuity plan (also known as BCP) involves establishing procedures that will keep your business operating as normal after a disaster or unforeseen event has occurred that means typical working practices are changed. For example, workers may be asked to work remotely or to use different tools and processes in order to continue working. It is worth noting that BCP differs from Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) in that DRP is more concerned with restoring normal business operations after a disaster has taken place. In times of crisis, many businesses will be challenged to safeguard and support employees while continuing…

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Revealed – the hidden costs of manual HR administration

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Manual administration can create many problems for HR, as working with spreadsheets and paper-based systems are cumbersome and difficult. The negative impact of all this labour-intensive administration is most obvious in the amount of time and effort involved in people doing these tasks. This translates into higher costs and missed opportunities i.e. preventing teams from working on more impactful HR initiatives. Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are a host of unseen costs related to manual HR administration that may be sucking up resources and causing problems without you even realising it. Here are seven…

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