A guide to Natural HR’s implementation process

Customer success programme

Our Return-on-HR customer success programme will support your journey from day one to your live date and beyond.

How Natural HR supports your business

Getting you started with Natural HR

Natural HR was built from the ground up as a cloud-based platform with ease of use, simple set-up and quick deployment at its core. There’s no need for expensive on-site consultants or changes to your existing processes, and we will be with you throughout it.

Our Birmingham-based customer success team will lead the implementation and roll-out of the system for you in as little as four weeks, from start to finish.

Every customer is assigned a dedicated project manager that will oversee your implementation. Complete with real-time project statuses and extensive training tailored to your business, Natural HR provides a helping hand every step of the way.

A guide to Natural HR’s standard implementation process

Getting you started with Natural HR’s system

Once you've joined Natural HR, it's time to move onto the implementation phase

As soon as you’ve confirmed that you would like to start your HR journey with Natural HR, you’ll be assigned your very own UK-based project implementation manager who will help you through the 6 to 8-week implementation period so that we can get you and your business up and running with the Natural HR software suite.

This staff member who can offer remote or in-person support will help you set everything up, from importing your staff data to calculating and setting-up holiday carry-over to even the smallest task, such as modifying the colour of your Natural HR system to reflect your brand colours.

Throughout this process, you and your implementation manager will develop a working relationship through the standard implementation process. They will take you through everything from project scoping, project kick-off, and system setup to training and quality assurance.

This is a 6-step process, and to find out more about each stage, scroll below.

Keeping track of your implementation

Personal data, holidays, workflows, documents, and payroll information are just some of the processes that HR teams deal with every day, so the idea of switching to a new system may seem daunting. Still, Natural HR’s Customer Success Programme has been built on a decade of experience to be simple, cost-effective, and time-saving.

When your project implementation manager starts your onboarding, one of the first ways is to set you up with a custom Asana board. The project management tool will provide your entire team, including all key stakeholders, a complete overview of the implementation stage from start to finish, with information like key dates, training material and the ability to ask questions directly to your project implementation manager.

Based on your completed project scope form, you’ll be presented with a board that has been designed specifically for your business and will contain everything you need to support you from the first day of your implementation process to the final go-live date and beyond.

Understanding the needs of your business

It’s now time to kick off your Natural HR implementation. This will begin with a group call between your Natural HR project implementation manager and key HR stakeholders from within your business, including your HR team, IT team, marketing and any other essential stakeholders.

During this formal kick-off call, your dedicated PM will go through your implementation scoping document to ensure it covers all the bases and answers any questions you may have about the Natural HR system. They’ll also discuss key dates, such as your go-live date.

We’ll also ask you to assign a project manager on your side so that our team has one central person to communicate the entire process with.

Transferring your current HR data to your Natural HR system

At this stage, Natural HR will know the specific details of how you want processes to work within your Natural HR system, and so they’ll work with you to migrate all of your data from your existing HR system to your new one here at Natural HR.

This process will be completed in two stages. Firstly, we will upload your core initial employee data, which is the critical data you hold on your staff, including their personal information, name, job titles e.t.c. Then, if applicable to your business, we will then upload other data sets for holiday history, sickness, training records and expenses history.

To make this step as easy and accessible as every other step, Natural HR will provide you with pre-formatted spreadsheets to make uploading the information quick and seamless. As with the other steps in the process, your project implementation manager will be with you for support at every step of the stage.

Configuring the Natural HR platform to your specific needs

At this stage, we’re all about configuring the system to work for your business and your staff. Once the data upload from the previous step is complete, we will get you and other key stakeholders from your company to fill out a questionnaire that will give your Natural HR implementation manager the needed information to get your system working for you.

For instance, we’ll want to know your document folder structure, critical company missions, as well as to understand your policies on when your holiday year runs, if employees can carry holiday over, and reasons why employees may be off ill. This granular detail will ensure that your system is a powerful tool in your HR toolbox, giving you the data and the needed system to help your business grow.

Now your system is set-up, it's time for personlised training

With your system now set up, our project implementation manager will now work with you on training your entire team on how to make the best use of your new Natural HR system.

Firstly, you’ll have a super-user training session where we will provide detailed insight into the system, including a system introduction, core employee record overview, recruitment overview, as well as expenses, workflow and forms, for those who will be administering the system, such as those in your HR team or line-managers.

The second training session is called employee training and will cover what the system users, your staff, will need to learn to use the system. This includes logging-in and 2-factor authentication, system introduction, updating personal details, and submitting requests like annual leave or expenses.

You're system is ready to go, it's time to get ready to for a company-wide launch

This is it; you’re now at the final stage as over the previous 6 to 8 weeks, your system will have been built-up to the point where it’s almost ready to go live! The final step is a quality assurance and internal pilot scheme, which generally takes place a week before going live.

This is the time to do a quality check to ensure that your data is correct, the colour scheme follows your brand guidelines, and everything has transferred over from your old system. Again, your project implementation manager will be here with you throughout this stage to answer any questions you may have.

Your project implementation manager will then suggest running a pilot scheme with a small percentage of your business, or even a select team, to ensure that everything is working and that any last-minute issues are ironed out. Once this is completed, you’ll have a handover call with your project implementation manager, as your system will now be ready to go live throughout your business.

Our entire process is built on simplicity

Natural HR makes system set up easier than ever before.


Switching made simple

Migrating data from an existing HR system is quick and easy with our intuitive data upload feature. Once you have your data ready in our supplied Excel documents, upload the sheet, and your data will be in your new system.

On-going support

If you need a helping hand updating an existing configuration, setting up a new module or integration, or want to know how to take advantage of any of our new features, our UK-based team will always be here to support you.

100% cloud solution

Since your system is in the Cloud (and is all based in the UK), Natural HR ensures you have a secure and backed-up system that is always running and is compliant with the latest data protection laws.

3rd party integration

Your Natural HR system will send notifications to your staff via their registered email. However, with a host of over 30 plus other integrations, you’ll benefit from integration into the most popular workplace apps.

Easy configuration options

From your company house-brand to creating internal forms and social recognition, the easy configuration of Natural HR allows you to create an HR experience that fits your company culture, and it’s all done from one system.

Account management

You’ll have easy online access to our knowledge hub, exclusive access to virtual training webinars, as well as contact details for support agents, all of whom are employed directly by Natural HR and are based in the United Kingdom.
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Anne Dyer, HR DirectorBreyer Group

Natural HR ticked all the boxes. From an HR perspective, it has everything we need. Natural HR is an easy system to use and that’s what we wanted.

Chloe Jordan, HR AdvisorFosters Family Funeral Directors

Natural HR is on my screen from 9 to 5, all day, every day! Basically, everything you need as an HR professional is within the system. It is one of the best decisions we have ever made as a business!

Helen Scares, HR ManagerSolid Solutions

Natural HR is on my screen from 9 to 5, all day, every day! Basically, everything you need as an HR professional is within the system. It is one of the best decisions we have ever made as a business!

Kelly Marie Ody, OperationsLomond Capital

Natural HR is the only HR software we use. We are extremely pleased with its functionality & the easy flow of data. I can’t imagine life without it!

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