Employee engagement

What if you could make your people feel more valued, empowered and engaged?



What if you could change the paradigm of HR from support to value creation?

Advancements in communications technology have enabled companies like Uber and Airbnb to run global businesses with virtually all of their employees on a remarkably loose freelance basis. Known as the ‘gig economy’, this new way of working is flexible, dynamic and enables companies to expand more efficiently than ever before. It also has a drastically positive effect on overheads, with full time staff costs reduced and the ability for companies to dip in and out of a wider talent pool, whenever required.

It isn’t without it’s challenges, though. For example, what impact will the flexibility of this new gig economy have on the mindset of the typical employee? Those who still conduct regular 9-5 working patterns and who are based solely in the office may find it difficult to adapt to working with freelancers.

Similarly, the ability to dip into separate, flexible revenue streams may reduce their dependency on a fixed salary. This change in mindset is set to shape the labour market profoundly – and possibly more comprehensively than the industrial revolution.

How can Natural HR help with employee engagement?

Natural HR provides a suite of productivity enhancing tools and employment engagement metrics for managers and employees, making it the perfect employee engagement tool in the new, fast-paced digital economy.

Our software will lift the lid on employment engagement in HR by shining a light on individual performance. Helping HR teams adapt to an ever changing environment, the Nature HR employment engagement software will separate wages from work and bonuses from performance.

We’ve achieved this by creating a system that offers both depth of functionality and an approachable user experience which enables it to slot seamlessly into existing organisations, no matter the IT competency of the HR team or the systems with which they were previously familiar.

Natural HR is the missing tool from your HR department.

``Gallup’s 2014 research shows that only 13 percent of employees surveyed are highly engaged, and 26 percent are actively disengaged.”

Gallup State of the Global Workplace

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What if you could link business objectives with employee engagement?

Keeping employees engaged is fast becoming one of the greatest challenges employers have to face. The cost of recruitment, training and managing the induction of new starters is money down the drain if you’re unable to hold on to them.

Employees can become disengaged quicker than you think and, most worryingly, it can happen almost silently, creeping up unawares before the employee in question either causes a bigger problem internally or decides to leave. Either way, the result is never good for the business.

If there was such a thing as a formula for employee engagement (or, alternatively, disengagement), wouldn’t you want to know the constituent ingredients? Few businesses would turn their backs on the chance to get a detailed insight into what makes employees tick, and with modern employee engagement software like Natural HR, you can do just that.

Natural HR provides tools which enable businesses to develop performance management goals based on company objectives. This enables employment engagement in a company to be directly tied to the overarching aim of the business like never before – an essential facet of successful organisations.

Metrics which can track the long-term links of HR processes to company success are invaluable. For example, imagine being able to answer the question “how good is the organisation at retaining key personnel?”. Equally, the ability to find out which staff members contribute most handsomely to the bottom line can only be achieved with a modern employee engagement tool like Natural HR.

Natural HR helps change the mindset of businesses that view HR as merely another department within the organisation, by encouraging the view that they are instead seen as a department which can proactively manage employee performance, cultural changes and the pulse of engagement.

``One unhappy worker can cost an organisation £16,000``

CEB Global

What if your engagement strategy directly impacted on your organisation’s revenue streams?

As you would expect, employees who receive acknowledgement for high performance are more likely to establish an emotional connection with the company. They’ll also stay connected to the business strategy and over-arching goals, which in turn makes their own goals easier to meet.

Engaged employees are vital to company productivity. HR is a key player in the development of strategy when it helps create performance management goals that are directly based on company objectives. Whatever your plans, your business needs employees to carry them out and human resources leadership to prepare them for the task. With the right employee engagement measurement tool, these tasks become far easier.

Natural HR provides a two-way information flow through surveys, feedback, pulse, suggestions, collaboration and intelligent social engagement. It’s an employee engagement tool that every HR professional should have in their toolbox, and the Natural HR platform can make anyone working within the profession a facilitator of knowledge flows within their organisation. 

If you’d like to enter the new era of employee engagement software, Natural HR is the perfect platform for companies of all sizes.

As an employee engagement measurement tool, it will help you transform the internal culture within your business by fostering a healthy, proactive approach to employee development and creating an organisation which values and rewards staff who have an emotional connection with the business.