Employee self service

What if managers controlled their HR processes and employees could get information on demand?


What if employees could get information on demand with intuitive, secure self-service, 24/7?

What if your employees had the tools to update their own personal details, request holidays, submit training applications, banking information, benefits and more? Natural HR enables a completely configurable cloud based employee interface, designed to deliver intuitive, secure self-service, 24/7. It means anyone authorised, can access personal information, improving organisational efficiently and empowering each individual.

Empower your employees and managers

You can spend less time on admin and more time on being strategic and delivering value


What if managers were empowered to control their own HR processes?

Typically, managers have to ask HR for statistics and information, therefore slowing the speed of response to a situation. Delays in information often result in poor decision-making, or worse, processes not being followed. This constant distraction of ‘low value reactive responsibilities’ means the HR professional’s time is diverted from more value added expert tasks. Natural HR provides access to relevant processes, information and enables swift decision making at a local level. Empowering line managers to accept/reject holiday requests, manage absences or other routine requests. Promoting collaboration and thin line demarcation between HR & operations.

What if everyone had a single perspective of all HR processes and how they impact on business goals?

Using technology is an enabler to empower the individuals within an organisation, to manage their personal details which also provides the opportunity to communicate other relevant information. Whether it’s comparing your personal performance against other team members, your department against others within the organisation. It puts people at the core of the value proposition and fosters a culture of openness and transparency. It makes people take personal responsibility, which in turn means ownership, empowerment and involvement. Natural HR provides the tools and resources to design, articulate, implement HR processes. Then measure the impact, because through an intuitive graphic dashboard which provides your unique metrics and analytics. It replaces remote decisions with objective performance facts.