Expenses and mileage

Gain complete control over expenses and mileage – claims can be easily uploaded and approved with the click of a button.

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Natural HR - Mileage Claims

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Natural HR - Expenses

Simple expense claims

Submit, approve and report on expense claims with ease

Allow your team to submit claims, upload supporting receipts and submit for approval in a few simple clicks, while managers can view and approve them at the touch of a button.

  • Employees can submit expenses from anywhere, at any time – even on their smartphone
  • Empower managers to approve, reject, push back on or add comments to claims
  • Automated emails can notify both the employee and their approver of a new claim and its status

Expenses and mileage reporting

Keep track of expense and mileage claims

Create in-depth reports to monitor expense and mileage claims by department, site and per employee so you can keep track of the value of expense claims submitted.

  • Create custom reports to visualise all employee expense and mileage claims
  • Track the value of claims by category such as hotels, travel, subsistence, entertainment, stationary and more
  • Get complete control and visibility into company expenditure
Natural HR - Expenses Report
Natural HR - Mileage Claims

Accurate expense management

Safeguard your company from errors in claims

Minimise any mistakes in expense claims and exaggerated or falsified costs with an easy-to-use submission process, clear claim procedure and automated notifications.

  • Create custom declarations that prompt employees to confirm the accuracy of their expense claims
  • Set an upper limit for expense claims that notify you whenever costs breach this limit or are out of policy
  • Google address lookup allows for more accurate mileage requests

Save your employees time

01. Simplify expense requests

Make it easy for your employees to submit expense and mileage claims, upload receipts and track the status of their claims.

Go paperless

02. Online expense management

Bring all of your expense and mileage claims online with our clear, secure modules that means printed requests and paper forms are a thing of the past.

Improve management visibility

03. Manage expense claims

Easily generate reports that answer key questions such as how much has been spent with a specific vendor and which department or individual has had the highest value claims.

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