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10 HR stats to take to the board

HR leaders need to present accurate and up-to-date employment data to the Board. Here, we outline the HR stats you'll find integral in directing your business focus in 2023.

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The first 90 days: The challenges faced by new HR leaders

How best to emerge victorious within the first 90 days as an HR leader. Learn why it's important to go back to basics, how to secure quick wins and when to develop an HR strategy to overcome common challenges.

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How to get your business to invest in HR software

A comprehensive guide detailing how to gain buy-in from leadership to invest in HR software. Within the guide, you'll learn how to build a credible business case, choose between cloud and on-premise and how to persuade key stakeholders.

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Implementing HR software: 5 simple steps to success

The prospect of implementing HR software can sometimes feel a little daunting if your business has never done it before. Download our free guide for an overview of our blueprint for a successful HR software project and master the five simple steps to a successful implementation.

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A beginner's guide to HR software

Have you recently invested in HR software? Are you feeling a little daunted at the prospect of implementing it? This guide looks at how you can ensure a successful implementation, the steps to take during implementation and handy tips and advice from our experts.

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Learning and Development in 2022

In this eBook, Natural HR will provide you with practical tips, advice and conversation starters on how to utilise your HR platform to address the skills gap in 2022 and beyond.

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8 key questions to ask when choosing HR software

Choosing the right HR software for your business can feel like a minefield. In this eBook, we take a look at some of the top questions to ask when you’re looking into HR software and why you should be asking them.

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How to get started with HR analytics

Many businesses lack the insights to make effective people decisions. this guide helps you define goals and set up your analytics, use accurate data for your HR analytics and discover the benefits of a single, integrated system

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How to deliver an unforgettable onboarding experience

In this guide, you’ll find a blueprint for delivering an unforgettable employee onboarding experience, including key tasks to complete ahead, a structure for their first few days and weeks and how to manage remote onboarding.

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The real impact of working from home

This fascinating eBook takes a look at the impact that working from home has had on the world of work with first-hand insights from employees, mental health experts, serial home workers and business leaders that have navigated this remote revolution.

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Employee engagement at home: a complete guide

Throughout this comprehensive eBook, you’ll find tips, advice and case studies from companies that have excelled in employee engagement at home, along with a blueprint for developing your own employee engagement plan.

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What GDPR means for HR in your business

A guide to highlight the key HR challenges presented by GDPR. In the eBook, we cover how to understand employee rights and consent, how to handle data breaches and learn how HR teams need to handle sensitive data.

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HR research reports

HR in 2022 and beyond: trends, challenges and priorities

This report looks into the views of 115 HR professionals in the UK and takes a deep-dive into the challenges and priorities of HR departments and analyses the key trends facing the people profession in the future.

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HR in 2021 and beyond: trends, challenges and priorities

This fascinating report looks into the views of 101 HR professionals in the UK and takes a deep-dive into the challenges and priorities of HR departments and analyses the key trends facing the people profession in the future.

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HR in 2019 and beyond: trends, challenges and priorities

In this research report, we answer some of HR's biggest questions, including where do the priorities of HR professionals lie for the next 12 months What challenges do they expect to come across? Finally, what does the future of HR really look like to UK businesses?

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