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8 key questions to ask when choosing HR software

A complete guide to the most important questions to ask yourself and your vendor when evaluating HR software systems.

8 key questions to ask when choosing HR software

The events of 2020 forced a new era of people management upon HR leaders across the nation. As we all navigated working from home, software and technology tools such as HR software really came into their own.

Now, more than ever, HR software is a critical tool for business success, with far-reaching benefits for both HR leaders and employees, including streamlining workflows, improving efficiency and enabling HR to act as a truly strategic partner to overall business growth.

But choosing the right HR software for your business can feel like a veritable minefield. In this eBook, we take a look at some of the top questions to ask when you’re looking into HR software and why you should be asking them, including:

  • How is the software delivered?
  • Can it integrate with other business systems?
  • How are you and your people supported?
  • And many more…


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