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HR in 2022
and beyond

Workplace trends, challenges and priorities
facing the people profession


As businesses the world over experienced seismic shifts in perspective and priorities, HR teams led the charge in championing the human element of work to effectively balance productivity with employee engagement, satisfaction and happiness at a time that saw us more separated than ever. And here we find ourselves in 2022.

It goes without saying that continued uncertainty surrounding the global pandemic has compounded the need for talented HR professionals in businesses from every walk of life.

This report looks into the views of 115 HR professionals in the UK and takes a deep-dive into the challenges and priorities of HR departments and analyses the key trends facing the people profession in the future. Including:

  • Focuses and likely hurdles for the future
  • The ongoing impact of COVID-19
  • Perceptions of HR and pay for professionals
  • A look ahead to the world of work and the future of HR
  • Comparisons with the findings in HR in our 2021 and beyond report
  • And much more…

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