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HR in 2023
and beyond

Workplace trends, challenges and priorities
facing the people profession

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2022 was another turbulent year for HR. Although the effects of the COVID pandemic still lingered, the lack of restrictions gave way to new challenges. And, as we head into 2023, widespread talent shortages, quiet quitting and the cost of living crisis amounted to increased pressure on business leaders to make smart decisions about their people.

With greater employee demands than ever before, competition in the job market has been tough and will continue to be so – meaning the future of HR relies on recruitment and retention and a focus on wellbeing and employee engagement.

This report gathers the thoughts of 156 HR professionals working in various sectors and different levels of seniority to identify the challenges, priorities and initiatives driving their businesses in 2023, compared to 2022.

We look at the effect of key industry trends, which have led to a truly employee-driven job market where opportunities are being created for organisations to ultimately put their people first.

Takeaways for your team:
  • Comparisons with last year’s ‘State of HR’ report
  • Effects of the cost of living crisis and subsequent pay rises
  • The demand for flexible working environments
  • The impact of ‘quiet quitting’ – a new business phenomenon
  • The use of HR technology in the sector
  • Key trends and priorities for 2023

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