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Across the UK, the NHS employs 1.3 million staff within their services. Simultaneously, there is an estimated 515 private hospitals, a mixture of for-profit and nonprofit. The expenditure across the UK accounts for 10% of gross domestic product (GDP), a 3.1% growth over recent years.

Due to the recent drastic circumstances, the department of health and social care in England was £212.1 billion in 2020/21, up from £150.4 billion in 2019/20, allowing services to cater for patients. At the same time, in a survey covering 285 private hospitals, 735,522 patients have recorded treatment.

HR in healthcare will continuously operate under a certain amount of pressure. With factors like employee burnout and staff shortages, it can often leave the people facing department feeling overstretched.

This is where Natural HR’s all-in-one HR and payroll software can help you better manage your people, create automated and paperless processes while making smarter business decisions.


of nurses feel burned out, with 54% reporting high stress levels


growth is projected from 2020 to 2030 for employment in healthcare occupations, making the industry accelerate much faster than other professions


of nurses state they are under such pressure that they cannot provide the level of care they want to patients

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What are your ongoing challenges?


Complete employee database

Compliance alone is challenging, but with a high proportion of migrants working in UK healthcare, it’s essential to keep a secure record of essential documents including vias.

Continuous burnout

Increasing demands, long hours and a lack of hospital beds has led to 70% of nurses
achieving uninterrupted burnout over an extremely short period of time.

Training and development

Keeping abreast of all certifications your workforce holds is one side of the story, the other is about providing the right opportunity to learn new skills and present advancement opportunities.

Workforce safety

As the pandemic has highlighted, it's never been more crucial to put the right processes and plans in place to avoid risks and ensure the safety and health of your workforce.

Talent shortages

Training bursaries have been abolished, leaving the next generation of talent discouraged from learning the skills and knowledge required to become a nurse.

Employee retention

Data revelas that 30% of nursing professionals are looking for a new position within their
field, coupled with the pre-listed challenges and a shrinking talent pool, its vital for staff
retention to be increased across all levels.


Training & Development

Improve your bottom line while seamlessly creating your very own superstars.

  • Progress your employees professional development, helping them to gain key nursing and medical qualifications
  • Self-service functionality empowers employees to request desired training
  • Aid succession planning with a clear understanding of an employee’s skill set


People Management

A comprehensive database that houses all of your clinical and nonclinical workers’ information, in one place. 

  • Securely maintain key documentation and legislation, including visas and an employee’s right to work details
  • Effortlessly manage all of your admin and create a paperless HR department
  • With a complete calendar view, keep track of shift and normal working patterns by tracking annual leave, sickness, absenteeism and much more



Streamline each crucial stage of your recruitment process, from creating the job adverts to analysing hiring costs.

  • Create workflows at each recruitment stage to distribute important updates regarding the candidate’s progress
  • Improve the quality of your hires and engage with the best candidates in your talent pool
  • Deliver a consistent and engaging recruitment process that enhances your employer brand

We looked at other providers but found their systems hard to navigate. Natural HR’s solution is very straightforward, anyone can use it.

Dean Payne
Managing Director
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Proven to deliver

Natural HR is used by hundreds of businesses across multiple countries around the globe, including Optimum Healthcare, a renowned private healthcare clinic.

The challenge

Using excel spreadsheets to manage their employee data company wide had served its purpose, was cumbersome, labour intensive and difficult to manage and oversee.

The benefits

“Natural HR has not only allowed Optimum to manage their employee data more securely, and more efficiently but has also reduced overheads. Current evidence shows a reduction in absenteeism following the introduction of Natural HR.”

The solution

Natural HR worked directly with the MD and HR consultant to review their needs. After a basic introduction, demo and simple integration period, Natural HR was automating and centralising Optimum’s HR functions, saving time and money.

The future

Delighted by the result, Natural HR is now considered an integral aspect of Optimum
Healthcare’s overall employee programme. This has excited their MD, Dean Panye who can’t wait to transform more aspects of the business.