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How to process carryover

If you allow your employees to carryover any unused annual leave into the next holiday year, you will need to process this in Natural HR to ensure these values are reflected at the start of the year for your employees. This guide will show you how to process carryover.

The process to carryover annual leave into the next holiday year varies depending on how your company manages its holiday year. For many, the holiday year will run from January to December (i.e. 1st January to 31st December) but these dates will vary.

Ideally, you should do this on the first day of the new holiday year. This avoids a scenario where your employees will be able to see next year’s carryover allowance early and any time off booked between doing this and the new year starting will not be counted in the carryover process.

To begin the annual carryover process for all employees, click Administration from the left-hand menu bar followed by HR, Time-off management and finally, Process carryover.

From here, enter the start and end dates for the most recent holiday year (i.e. the one you have just completed or are about to complete).

If you would like to process carryover for individual sites, simply select these ticking the checkboxes. This is useful if you have sites which have different holiday years.

Next, choose how you would like the system to account for the rounding of figures and how it should deal with any negative values (if employees have taken more time-off than they are entitled to).

Please note: if you have some employees with outstanding time off in days and others in hours then processing carryover this way will only be able to deal with one set of these. It is not possible to days and hours both using the automated process.

Click ‘calculate and check’. This will return a table which details each employee, their allowance, what time-off has been taken, what they have left, and their actual carryover.

At this stage, please check these resulting values very carefully and ensure you are completely happy before processing the carryover calculations.

We STRONGLY recommend you use ‘calculate and check’ ahead of the new holiday year to identify any anomalies that need investigating before submitting. You can do this as many times as you need to clear up any irregularities.

Once you are completely satisfied, click submit and they will be entered into the carryover balances for all employees at the sites selected.

Please note: this process will remove and reset ALL carryover balances within your company and cannot be reversed.

If, after submitting, any values are incorrect or you need to add additional entries or adjust any existing entries for carryover you can do so via Administration > HR > Time off management > Manage carryover values.

If your holiday year runs from an employee’s start date:

In this case, you will need to manage the carryover process manually as and when an employee’s anniversary date approaching.

We recommend that you create a workflow that notifies your HR team of an impending anniversary so you can ensure the carryover process is completed for this employee.

To begin the process of manual carryover, click Administration from the left-hand menu bar followed by HR, time-off Management and finally, Manage carryover values.

Here you can select the employee in question and add the number of days to be carried over.

Click submit to confirm.

That’s it! You’re all done.

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