HR analytics

What if you could stop looking in the rearview mirror and start driving change?

HR is about more than just generating reports; predictive HR analytics allows you to link to your business objectives and deliver true business value in a way you will never have been able to before.

What’s really going on within the business? Which employees are performing at the top of their game? Who is falling short on their KPIs on a consistent basis? What’s really going on with absenteeism? Are there any opportunities for particular staff members to move sideways within the business?

Imagine gaining answers to those questions with meaningful, actionable HR data. HR analytics enables you to do just that.


Making sense of cavernous data

We live in an incredibly information-rich world where data drives business decisions and can make or break the careers of employees. The rise of HR big data, in particular, gives an insight like never before into the emotional connection that is either held or actively avoided by employees. But how do you make sense of it?

Our powerful HR data analytics software will help you make sense of the cavernous data your organisation generates. After all, data is only meaningful if it can be easily digested and attributed to the success or failings of those working within the business.

With Natural HR, you become the master of your HR analytics and the data that drives it.

What if you could map future trends based upon ‘objective data’ to safeguard profits?

With simple, configurable analytics, Natural HR gives managers an insight into their organisational performance, from specific departments to individual employees. The real power of this integrated information is that it enables the mapping of future trends based upon ‘objective data’ to safeguard profits and empower growth plans. This makes HR a valuable contributor and integral part of the business strategy, because it’s an engagement enabler.

How often is HR pushed to the back of the queue when it comes to board-level discussion? This isn’t necessarily because there is less emphasis placed on HR – it’s more likely that HR analytics simply don’t exist or are too cumbersome to make sense of.

With advanced HR analytics software, organisations can finally map future trends based on data that speaks to everyone, no matter the branch they occupy on the company tree.

“77 percent of all organizations believe people analytics is important”

Bersin by Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2016

Stop guessing, start delivering value

Make HR an integral part of your company strategy and success with intelligent, proactive, predictive analytics


What if you could identify and resolve issues based upon fact rather than opinion?

The holy grail of HR analytics is the ability to resolve any issues that arise by leaning on solid facts. Business culture is all too often hampered by loose opinions on misdemeanours and factually incorrect assumptions made about the drivers of success within the organisation. With HR analytics software in place, hard-and-fast facts will quickly make themselves known, thus removing any ambiguity.

High turnover, excessive absenteeism, low productivity and overall employee dissatisfaction will disrupt your business operations. These obstructions not only raise operating costs – hiring and retaining replacement staff is time-consuming and expensive – they also derail organisational strategies. You may conduct exit interviews with departing employees to find out why they’re leaving, but their response can be all too easily brushed off as a subjective view or opinion.

Natural HR provides you with quick analysis tools to compare and benchmark harvested workforce analytics to identify issues and common causes objectively, removing any form of ‘opinion’ from the conversation.

8% higher sales growth

24% high net operating income

58% higher sales per employee

Survey by MIT and IBM reported the benefits companies with a high level of HR analytics experienced

What if you could create the organisational capabilities required to support the strategic direction?

To design and foster an employee culture that directly aligns HR practices with strategic operational goals requires a shift from the role of ‘employee problem-solver’ and responding to routine information requests. Natural HR enables this shift, as you devolve local HR responsibility to line managers and individual employees, providing ‘self-service’ access to relevant information.

This change in workplace dynamics provides you with time to analyse data, collate hard evidence and objectively demonstrate the impact of any proposed organisational change. This helps HR influence and shape strategies that directly impact your organisation’s revenue streams and cost management initiatives.

Lifting the lid on operational reporting

How many people called in sick last month? More importantly, what impact did that have on productivity and business output?

Answering such questions is inherently difficult if you don’t have reliable data from which to draw. Imagine being able to dig deep into the operational side of the business in order to uncover the true numbers behind absenteeism and using that data to perform predictive analysis on how the absence rate is likely to increase or decrease in the future.

By lifting the lid on the operational side of your business, Natural HR not only gives you a view of what’s currently happening – it gives you a window into the future, too.