HR Database

Just as employees are at the heart of any business so the HR database is the heart of everything we do. The HR database is the hub of the wheel to which all other functionality is linked and it is the single location for all your employee data which is what makes Natural HR such a compelling solution.


Just some of the different types of employee information you can store in Natural HR

Central to Natural HR is the ability to store your employee details – we give you the ability to store everything from the employee’s personal details through to their bank details and emergency contact details or next of kin.

As well as storing the employee the employee’s personal details you can also store information on their work life. We allow you to store everything from their job details including job title, location, manager etc through to salary and benefits information. We also track the history of any job changes (such as changing job role or changing manager) as well as salary changes.

See how Natural HR can help transform your business

You can then view a summary of this and more information on our totally customisable HR dashboard. You can choose which items to show on the dashboard, drag items around and colour code the items as you require. Additionally, the dashboard adapts according to the access level of the user so a manager will only ever see information on their employees and so on.

For those scenarios where you want to record data which we do not natively store (for example you might want to track the details of someone’s visa or their car registration number) then we offer you the ability to create custom employee fields.