HR software

What if you could have just one centralised view of all your HR Data?

Covering the whole employee lifecycle from recruitment through to offboarding, Natural HR offers the most comprehensive HR software solution on the market in a simple to use, secure cloud based platform.


What if it could be quickly configured to manage the processes you already have in place?

Natural HR is configured to help you manage the processes you already have in place. The objective is to remove the burden of processing and responding to the routine and provide access to valuable data patterns. Enabling you to gain an important insight into the underlying trends and leading indicators impacting on workforce moral. Giving you instant access to historic and real-time information at an organisation wide view, to specific departments and individual employees

Everything in one place

No more spreadsheets, no more remembering multiple  logins



What if it had broader ‘crossover functionality’ than any other comparable system?

Incorporating expenses, recruitment, employee asset tracking, analytics and much, much more. Natural HR widens the scope for improving business processes because it removes the need to run separate systems. It provides a single view of disparate data sets which impact against operations, productivity and profitability.

What if you could integrate different data overlays in a simple graphical dashboard?

Collecting masses of data is worthless unless you can view it and interrogate it easily. Which means the key information harvested needs to be clear and efficiently displayed. Descriptive statistics using graphics, plots and information graphics make understanding the data easier. Consequences, comparisons, patterns or relationships are easier to spot, demonstrate and communicate. It makes complex data more accessible, understandable and usable.