HR Ticketing System

Take a look at the CIPD Profession Map and you will find ‘Service Delivery and Information’ listed as an activity for HR practitioners. Delve into the map a little further, and you’ll spot that part of it is dedicated to the topic of providing customer-focused HR delivery to employees throughout their time with the business.

Customer service can make or break a business. It falls upon this vital element of the organisation to ensure that the people who have deemed your services fit to invest in receive the best possible post-sale care. Get it right, and you’ll have a customer for life. Get it wrong, and word will quickly spread.

However, great customer service extends far beyond the traditional ‘client’. For example, have you ever thought about the service provision your HR team offers its staff? What about the prospect of implementing a Helpdesk ticketing system for HR?

How Natural HR can help

Natural HR can support you and your HR team in delivering the best possible customer service to your employees with our HR Ticketing System. Think of it as a shared inbox for all of your employees’ questions.

Ticketing systems are generally reserved for customer service, as alluded to above, but in HR they can help ensure every member of the team has the ability to develop a strong emotional connection with the company.

By implementing HR help desk software, your business will be providing a customer-focused approach to your own customers – your employees. This is where our HR Ticketing System will prove invaluable. Not only will your HR team be able to act quickly to employee questions coming into your shared HR help desk software inbox, but it’ll also be able to set up categories for the types of questions coming in.


The benefits of categorisation

Having categorised tickets enables HR teams to keep track of – and report on – the types of queries coming in from staff. In a world that is dominated by multiple forms of communication, the ability of a HR helpdesk ticketing system to cut through the noise and provide a single channel for employees to ask questions is invaluable.

For example, are you receiving lots of questions relating to ‘employee benefits’? If so, it may well be time to look at how your employee benefits package is communicated to the workforce. Alternatively, there may be a significant number of queries originating from line managers which relate to HR policies and procedures. Does this indicate the need for a line manager guide that will be immediately accessible for those who need more information on such topics?

Without an HR ticketing system in place that enables categorisation of employee questions, it becomes near impossible to spot opportunities of this kind. This inevitably leaves employees with the impression that they’re not being listened to and, from a HR team’s perspective, the prospect of further questions of the same type continuing, unabated. 

A human resources help desk tool could be the missing part of your HR jigsaw. Without it, your business is likely missing brilliant opportunities to engage staff and provide the answers they so badly need.