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HR Solutions for companies that care about Human Resources

Natural HR is offering you state of the art human resources software solutions, for businesses of any size or type. If you care about your human resources department and your employees, our HR solution is something you should be seriously considering for your business.

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We know very well what tremendous effort it takes to manage your employees. And we know this from the perspective of a business owner just like you, as initially, we built Natural HR for our other, services business that we operated a few years ago, and due to the lack of a very flexible, affordable and efficient HR software solution on the market we decided to build a state of the art HR software, that we could use for our employees.

After we sold our cleaning business, we decided to let others use our HR software and our client base has grown month by month, and as of today, there are more than 11,000 businesses that are using our HR solutions.

HR solutions for medium and large businesses

Regardless of the number of employees or the size of your organization, our HR solutions have every feature that you would ever need for your human resources department. From our super easy to use employee self service, to organizational charts, document management (you can upload and manage your documents “in the cloud”), and enterprise grade security, you can never go wrong with our HR solutions.

Price flexibility is another extra that makes us stand out from the crowd and makes our HR solutions accessible to businesses of every size, as the price for our HR software will vary depending on the number of employees you have in the system, and it will adjust as you reduce or increase the number of employees. Please see more about our prices here

24/7 online support

Our customer support is something we are really proud of. You can get in touch with us regardless of your time zone or location, at any time of day or night. Should you have any questions or issues with our HR cloud software, you can rest assured that a specialist and a friend is always at the other end of the line, and we’ll be very pleased to help you with everything you need.

Your employees will love our HR solutions

The main purpose and scope of Natural HR is to improve the efficiency of your human resources department, but also, improve the way your employees are treated and the way they communicate with their supervisors and managers. That’s why we built our employee management software by focusing on both managerial benefits, and also employee satisfaction and happiness. Your staff will be able to communicate issues or requirements in an instant to their managers, and the managers will get an immediate email alert notifying them of the same.

Full control and security of your data

All the data and information you are saving and managing through our HR software is totally yours, and you have full control of it. You can rest assured that the data will be available to you 24/7 with very high levels of availability. We know this is very important for you and your business, and we made sure we have put the required infrastructure in place to offer you the best service. Our employee management software is hosted in an extremely secure data centre based in London, UK, with special features features like offline backup every 12 hours, and extra power generators in case the main electricity shuts down, and many extra, enterprise class security systems in place that will guarantee the highest quality customer data protection available.