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Best-in-class HR software and payroll system for law firms

Helping the legal industry to better engage, manage and pay their people.

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Everything you need to enhance your law firms HR operation

The legal sector supports around 360,000 employees, with over 150,000 of those as practicing lawyers in the UK. Renowned for the highly competitive, high-intensity, high-workload culture, legal HR departments responsible for attracting and retaining staff, engaging employees and ensuring wellbeing is maintained in incredibly stressful environments have a complicated road to navigate. Here’s how Natural HR can help…

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Combat talent shortages

We make onboarding and offboarding simple for applicants, employers and employees. Automate communications to allow for quality engagement opportunities throughout the recruitment process. Create job adverts, track applicants, manage interviews and analyse cost in one place.

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Say goodbye to multiple software vendors

Choose Natural HR to boost productivity and revenue with streamlined operations. Manage your HR, payroll and benefits from one centralised system, and keep a single-source of truth with secure data and employee self-serve functionality.

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Reduce workplace stress

Save valuable time with custom workflows that make complicated HR tasks a thing of the past. Streamline repetitive administration with Natural HR, ensuring information on approvals is captured accurately, and with complete traceability.

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Natural HR – the solution for any law firm

The traditional structure of the legal sector doesn’t lend itself to a simple HR setup. A matrix reporting structure, ongoing development and legally required performance reviews are only a small part of what HR teams need to plan for. Having recently been hit hard by “the great resignation” and staff turnover up on previous years, recruitment and retention are also a focal point for many firms this year.

This is where Natural HR’s all-in-one HR and payroll software can help you:


of Top 100 UK law firms are concerned a shortage of talent will stop them meeting their ambitions


of solicitors had at least one day off due to stress in the last year


staff turnover experienced in the legal sector as a result of “the great resignation”

Discover how we support HR in the legal sector

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Why law firms choose Natural HR software

Performance Management

Custom appraisal forms can match the requirements of every job role, be it partner, lawyer, paralegal or supporting staff, each can have their unique performance form set up for automated distribution, complete with timely reminders.

Compare and track trends in performance, identify high-performers and give real-time recognition, feedback and social praise.

Employee Engagement

Give your employees a voice with feedback, pulse surveys and 360 reviews to gather real-time data. Use powerful people insights to understand employee engagement and devise initiatives to allow your team to thrive.

Gather relevant insight into employee sentiment and use this to inform your decisions in real-time and monitor trends in satisfaction, happiness and much more.

Recruitment and Retention

In this candidate-driven environment, stand out from the competition and showcase your company’s culture right from the second your candidates apply.

Attract and retain top talent by automating your recruitment process, from hire to retire. Post open positions in a centralised platform, evaluate candidates, schedule interviews and automate communications throughout.

Challenges facing the legal sector...


Attract and retain top talent

An ongoing war for talent in the legal sector has resulted in the top firms refining their salary and benefit packages. To remain competitive legal HR teams need to consider not only salary packages, but also hybrid and flexible working, health and wellbeing and showcasing your company culture right from when job listings go live.

Upskill your workforce

Continuing competence for those working in law requires the development of skills and expertise constantly. The need for lawyers to remain abreast of legal changes can mean an ever-developing workforce for HR to keep track of through performance appraisals, employee development and competency tracking.

Give your employees a voice

High employee engagement can lead to improved talent retention, better operational efficiency, client satisfaction and financial performance. Giving your employees a platform to share their thoughts and gather employee sentiment is key to a happy firm, with pulse surveys and 360 feedback this becomes a breeze.

Focus on wellbeing

It’s no secret that the legal profession is a fast paced and stressful working environment. With tight deadlines and high workloads, HR teams need the ability to spot struggling employees before it develops into a serious issue.

Let us solve your people management challenges.

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