Managing HR risk

What if you could make people the key to your success in managing HR risk?

Natural HR are ISO 27001 accredited ensuring that your data and your company remains secure at all times.


What if you could manage, or better still, prevent issues before they arose?

People issues are probably highest on most organisations ‘HR risk list’ which is why processes and controls designed to keep your organisation out of trouble need to be widely accessible. Natural HR has the ability to make your processes and controls easy to access and empower every employee with the knowledge and ability to act on any issues arising. Whether a specific personal grievance, missing documents or training, managers not following procedures or a health and safety concern – every individual has the power to take action.

Don’t take risks with your HR data

Everything in one place, securely protected by an ISO27001 accredited HR technology provider



What if everyone could access any document, process or procedure related to their role and responsibility?

Whether it’s access to company handbooks, health and safety documents, proof of right to work or even just a company newsletter, the transition from paper to electronic documentation accessible by every individual within the organisation, reduces both cost and minimises risk. The risk of not having the correct documentation, not working to the latest revision of a process and so on is mitigated with a clearly auditable digital system. Natural HR provides a platform which can be configured to manage your documents and processes and procedures related to each role and responsibility within your organisation.

What if your systems highlighted possible future skills shortages?

Whether it’s the gap between current talent capabilities and business goals, the age demographics of your workforce, identifying a shortage of critical skills needed or succession planning to manage your leadership pipeline, HR risks can be intelligently managed using technology. Natural HR is an enabler to gather information and turn it into knowledge so you can make informed decisions. Using this knowledge the organisation can set its strategic direction and develop robust business plans making HR an integral component of strategic business planning.