Forbes magazine lists the top two “Hot HR Technology Trends Of 2014″ as Cloud and Mobile in that order. Mobile is no longer a nice to have but is a must have for all B2B applications and HR software is no exception.

That said, there are a huge number of mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and more and they are all different. So, as a cloud HR software provider, going down the traditional “app” route means we have to pick and choose the ones which we develop first – additionally development will always lag behind the “desktop” version even if just by a few weeks so the new feature you really want to use might not be available until later or may offer a greatly restricted experience.


We have designed Natural HR to be fully responsive for mobile devices – using HTML5 technologies the site will work exactly the same on a desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phone and more. Just as importantly, the functionality is available at exactly the same time for mobile as it is for desktop meaning no lag or delays.

It is important to note that we have designed the whole site to be responsive – that is it will fit into and adapt to any screen size. That said, we do not expect an administrator or a HR person to be running their HR function on a mobile device so the mobile optimisation is focused on Self Service for employees and managers. An HR user can still login on their mobile and still access the application but, due to the volume of data and functions they will be able to access the experience may not be as good as that of a desktop.

For employees and managers using Self Service we have designed the system to offer the same functionality and experience on a mobile as on a desktop.

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