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Optimum Healthcare

25 to 50 employees

Private Healthcare

“We looked at other providers but found their systems hard to navigate. Natural HR’s solution is very straightforward, anyone can use it.”

Dean Payne, Managing DirectorOptimum Healthcare Solutions

The Challenge

Optimum is an established healthcare provider with over 25 clinics providing services such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, orthotic prescription, fitness testing and other associated interventions.

They needed a one-stop shop HR system that could be accessed centrally, remotely and from different sites across the country.

Using excel spreadsheets to manage their employee data company wide had served its purpose, was cumbersome, labour intensive and difficult to manage and oversee.

The Solution

Optimum Healthcare looked at a number of HR systems, but chose Natural HR due to the simplicity of the system, whilst fulfilling all of their requirements and more.

Natural HR worked directly with the Managing Director and HR consultant to review their needs, their organisation, what they wanted from a HR system, asked questions about future requirements and any legislative registrations and certifications they needed to adhere to working in the medical profession.

After a basic introduction, demo and simple integration period, Natural HR was automating and centralising Optimum’s HR functions, saving time and money.

The Result

Initially Optimum Healthcare wanted a central, easy to access system that could keep track of holidays and sickness records, but as the business has grown Optimum has utilised more strategic functions of the system allowing them to use work flows, introduce employee portals and manage training records.

As a small but growing organisation, they recognised the need to engage their workforce, find a solution early on to grow with them, and a system easy to use and to introduce to new employees.

Successful workflows have been introduced to onboard staff and have reduced errors and manage the recruitment to induction process smoother and more efficiently than before. In just a very short time, Optimum realised that using Natural HR to centralise their HR functions has given them a competitive advantage in their market. Their managers spend less time on laborious, administrative HR tasks, allowing more time to deliver their objectives and work on what they enjoy. Individual development plans motivate, engage and retain staff in a competitive sector and allow Optimum to be the ‘employer of choice’ in their field.

Natural HR has not only allowed Optimum to manage their employee data more securely, and more efficiently but has also reduced overheads. Current evidence shows a reduction in absenteeism following the introduction of Natural HR*.

Natural HR is now considered an integral aspect of Optimum Healthcare’s overall employee programme.

*This is currently being analysed, but is considered a direct result from managers having at a glance visibility on employee absence and can act proactively using Natural HR.