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Faster, more efficient payroll

Tired of tedious payroll calculations and worrying about compliance? Look no further! Save time, reduce errors, and streamline your payroll process with Natural HR payroll software.

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Simplify your payroll processes

With data available from HR and payroll, any payroll changes such as new starters or salary changes can be included in one pay run.

Reduce payroll admin

With a simplified payroll process, you can focus on the things that matter rather than manually compiling payroll data for your next pay run.

Improve payroll reporting

Bringing together employee and payroll data helps HR link pay and benefits information to employee performance while ensuring reporting accuracy.

All-in-one payroll software

Manage and pay your employees from one system

From onboarding to running payroll, Natural HR provides you with the tools to view and manage your entire workforce.

  • Carry out regular payroll tasks like calculating holiday pay, submitting forms to HMRC, and adding new starters
  • Reduce guesswork by viewing your payday countdown, period end and upcoming deadlines
  • Receive reminders if an employee is due to leave, go on holiday or reach a milestone
  • Minimise costly mistakes in pay and manage salary changes, bonuses, new starters and much more
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cloud payroll software
hr and payroll software

Fully compliant payroll software

HMRC recognised payroll software

Minimise any risk of non-compliance with Payroll Software that meets HMRC standards.

  • Legislation is auto-applied to give you peace of mind
  • All mandatory documents are produced and sent to HMRC automatically
  • Set up and issue payment instructions for both your employees and HMRC with ease
  • Your data is stored in highly secure UK data centres to the highest GDPR-compliant standards
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Powerful payroll automation

Save time with unrivalled payroll software automation

Take the hard work out of your payroll run with accurate and reliable automation, from start to finish.

  • Enjoy ease and accuracy from automated calculations
  • OSP, SSP, AE and holiday accrual rates are auto-applied to ensure accuracy and compliance
  • Leave manual data entry in the past – our flexible payroll software integrates with your existing systems for complete work-life continuity
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Maximising the return on HR

Payroll management reporting

Let us handle the paperwork while you focus more on what matters, your people.

  • Track and report on changes in salary, bonuses and overtime
  • Save valuable time with on and offboarding reports that are readily available and sent to your payroll team
  • Generate board-level reports and customisable graphs and dashboards, at the touch of a button
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Simple payroll management

01. Pay your people correctly first time, every time

With Natural HR’s HR and payroll software, manage and pay your employees with one simple system. Make costly mistakes a thing of the past.

Information that’s always up to date

02. Identify payroll trends, with ease

Access your payroll dashboard to view outstanding tasks, payroll countdown, and report on the things that matter to you the most. Save time by accessing key payroll information, in one place. 

Reliable payroll software

03. Better support your people

Natural HR’s payroll system delivers everything you need to support your people, allowing them to thrive and support business growth.

Easy to switch. Easy to trust.

From the beginning of your payroll journey with us, we make it easy. Switch from your old payroll software to ours without the hassle, and find out just how easy processing your payroll can be.

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Natural HR - Online HR software and payroll system

“The biggest advantage to us in making the switch has been gaining more control over our payroll schedule, which in turn means our payroll is more accurate. We are able to make last minute changes and also the early pay modelling so you can run calculations to see what the results would look like ahead of the main payroll processing.”

Debbie AshbyPayroll Administrator, Littlefish

How our complete Payroll Software works

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Step 1: Setup

You’ll have access to the complete Natural HR suite of functionality, set up to your business’ requirements.

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Step 2: Check data

Employee data stored in Natural HR is used to fuel your payroll process, including bank and salary information.

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Step 3: Process payroll

Your next pay run is ready to process; no duplication of data or manual entry of information is needed.

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Step 4: Payment

We’ll set up and issue BACS payment instructions for both your employees and HMRC.

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Step 5: FPS/EPS

Full Payment Submission and Employer Payment Summary are automatically produced and sent to HMRC.

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Step 6: Payroll reports

Use our pre-defined payroll reports or create custom ones to track and monitor each pay run.

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Step 7: Payslips

Payslips are automatically produced and stored in Natural HR for employees to self-serve, with the option to notify via email.

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Step 8: Compulsory documents

Where necessary, Natural HR will produce P45s for departing employees and you can produce SSP1, SMP1, OSPP1 and SAP1.

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Step 9: Year end

We’ll submit Full Payment Submission and Employer Payment Summary to HMRC and produce P60s.

Handshake payroll & HR complete

All-in-one software

HR & payroll, complete

We’ve joined forces with Moorepay to provide all-in-one HR and Payroll Software. That means the best of payroll and HR, working together as one complete system.

Want to find out more? Book a demo to see the magic happen.

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All-in-one Payroll Software FAQs

What is an all-in-one Payroll and HR system?

With an all-in-one HR and Payroll software, you can streamline your workforce management activities and boost efficiency like never before! No more struggling with endless Excel spreadsheets and multiple data silos.

Our system brings everything under one roof, making your HR and payroll processes seamless and stress-free.  Imagine the time and effort saved when your HR and payroll teams no longer have to juggle between different systems. They can now focus on what really matters – taking care of your employees and driving strategic initiatives to grow your business.

How does Natural HR's all-in-one Payroll Software help with compliance?

With just ONE point of entry to track, compliance and security have never been easier.  Our cutting-edge Payroll Software, powered by Microsoft Azure, ensures automated and accurate calculations that comply with the latest legislation. No more stress or worries!  Keep your business compliant, protect your sensitive data, and streamline your HR processes with Natural HR.

Why has Natural HR's Payroll Software improved?

In March 2023, Natural HR was acquired by Moorepay – meaning that both parties can now offer the best-in-breed all-in-one HR and Payroll Software package.

Do I need a Payroll system?

An integrated HR and payroll system is integral to efficiently running any business that employs people. Our payroll software does the heavy lifting for you when paying your people, ensuring that you are complying with relevant legislation obligations. It will also notify you of employee information changes that could affect your payroll run. The software will also submit documents to HMRC for you.

Using a payroll management system not only makes things easier for your HR team but promotes reassurance for your employees.

If your business has big growth/recruitment plans, it’s important to make sure that your current HR and payroll system can keep up with the challenges a new staff member can bring. If you’re having doubts that you may have outgrown your current payroll provider, get in touch with Natural HR.

What can employees do via self-service in Natural HR's Payroll Software?

Your employees will get access to a self-service platform where they will be able to edit their personal details, view their pay history, and view and download their payslips. If you opt to add the expenses and timesheet module to your package, employees will also be able to submit their expenses and timesheets for approval.