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Say goodbye to tedious admin, messy spreadsheets and errors in pay with all-in-one HR and payroll software from Natural HR.

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Simplify your payroll process

With data available from HR and payroll, any payroll changes such as new starters or salary changes can be included in one main pay run.

Reduced payroll admin

With a simplified payroll process, you can focus on the things that matter rather than manually compiling payroll data for your next pay run.

Improved payroll reporting

Bringing together employee and payroll data helps HR link pay and benefits information to employee performance while ensuring reporting accuracy.

One solution for HR and payroll

Providing a single view of your entire workforce, Natural HR makes it easy to onboard, manage and pay your people.

  • Oversee and manage HR and payroll from one system.
  • Ensure complete compliance with HMRC standards.
  • Further streamline processes with one system for HR, recruitment, talent management and payroll.
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Fully integrated payroll

Providing everything you need to ensure your people are paid on time and without errors, payroll from Natural HR integrates directly with our all-in-one HR software.

  • Ensure employees are paid on time and without errors.
  • Easily build up to gross pay and automatically produce payslips
  • Reduce costly mistakes in pay with one system to manage salary changes, bonuses, new starters and much more.
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Maximise the return on HR

Save valuable time with on and off-boarding reports that are readily available to your payroll team giving you more time to focus on what’s really important – your people.

  • Store employee information and payroll data in one system.
  • Track and report on changes in salary and bonuses over time.
  • Manage the entire employee on and off-boarding process effectively.
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Natural HR is the only HR software we use. We are extremely pleased with its functionality & the easy flow of data. I can’t imagine life without it

Kelly-Marie OdyOperations - Lomond Capital

How our integrated payroll software works

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Step 1: Setup

You’ll have access to the complete Natural HR suite of functionality, set up to your business’ requirements.

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Step 2: Check data

Employee data stored in Natural HR is used to fuel your payroll process, including bank and salary information.

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Step 3: Process payroll

Your next pay run is ready to process; no duplication of data or manual entry of information is needed.

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Step 4: Payment

We’ll set up and issue BACS payment instructions for both your employees and HMRC.

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Step 5: FPS/EPS

Full Payment Submission and Employer Payment Summary are automatically produced and sent to HMRC.

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Step 6: Payroll reports

Use our pre-defined payroll reports or create custom ones to track and monitor each pay run.

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Step 7: Payslips

Payslips are automatically produced and sent via email. These are also stored in Natural HR for employees to self-serve.

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Step 8: Compulsory documents

Where necessary, NHR will produce P45s for departing employees and you can produce SSP1, SMP1, OSPP1 and SAP1.

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Step 9: Year end

We’ll submit Full Payment Submission and Employer Payment Summary to HMRC and produce P60s.