Recruitment software

Recruitment is the starting point for all employees as they enter your company – often the first contact they will have with you and your brand is via the recruitment process hence why recruitment software can help make or break your relationship with prospective employees.

Natural HR offers fully integrated recruitment software which allows you to post requisitions, accept online applications and then manage the whole recruitment process right through to transferring the successful candidate to an employee.


At the core of our recruitment software are requisitions and candidates. Requisitions are the jobs which you are trying to fill whilst candidates are the people who have applied for the various roles you have available.


The first step in a recruitment process is to create a job requisition. When creating a requisition, we link to your existing HR and company structure so when you choose a job, for example, we will automatically use things like the job title, responsibilities, competencies, qualifications etc from your Job role library to populate the requisition so you don’t need to enter all this information again. We also allow you to choose who the hiring manager is meaning that manager then gets restricted read only access to their requisitions and candidates within the recruitment module negating the need for your recruitment team to be constantly updating the manager or answering queries about who has applied and so on.

Once you have created your requisitions, you can then publish these on your company website just by adding one line of code to the website. This will then allow you to display a totally customised careers page with all your current, open jobs as well as allowing potential candidates to apply online via a customised application form and even upload their CV. When a CV is added we automatically index the file so you can then search for words or phrases making to easier to find potential candidates for future roles.

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Once you have added candidates to the system, either automatically via the online application form or you can add them manually as well, you can then being to process the application and work through your recruitment process.

This process might include bulk or individual candidate rejection through to inviting them for interview both with customised email templates as well as sending and creating offers using our Templates to create bespoke and individual letters of offer and contracts.

As you work your way through the process you can add candidate notes, upload documents (copies of identification, for example) and scoring and more.


When you have found the right candidate, it is a simple task to then convert them from a candidate across to being an employee.

When you do this, all the information you have already entered is included so there is no need to key all the information again and, additionally, the candidate CV and any documents uploaded as part of the process as well as any notes you have taken are also transferred and stored in the employee file ensuring a chain of custody should any queries arise.

Finally, you can then choose whether you wish to close the requisition or leave it open to allow additional candidates to apply – it is up to you!