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employer branding

4 ways to perfect employer branding

By Employer Branding

Employer branding has been cited as one of the most important parts of attracting talent in recent research by Gartner. Driving engagement amongst potential candidates and future hires on social media, corporate website, blogs and by word of mouth can mean your company stands out in a sea of firms competing for the best talent in what is now an employee’s market rather than an employer’s market. A report by Oleeo found that small and medium businesses can waste upwards of £125,000 a year on failed recruitment. So how can you refine and perfect your employer branding and ensure that…

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what is employer branding

What is employer branding and why should you care?

By Employer Branding, Recruitment

Recent research by analyst firm, Gartner has revealed that 62% of chief human resources officers (CHROs) report that their organisation’s talent attraction strategy is not aligned with their future workforce needs. Citing employer branding as one of the most important parts of attracting talent, Gartner’s research paints a worrying picture for firms that are hiring. While employment in the UK is at its highest since 1971, employers need to find distinctive ways to stand out from the crowd in what has become an employee’s market. Employer branding can help businesses to do just that. With a similar purpose to your…

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