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Benefits of Performance Management

Employee Performance Management: What is It & What Are Its Benefits?

By HR Software, Motivation, Performance Management

Last updated 06/11/21 A performance management strategy can ensure your employees’ activities and output are in line with your wider business’ objectives and can be critical to business success and employee productivity. The benefits of an effective performance management strategy include: Highlighting training gaps and where further training is needed. Boosting employee morale and in turn, productivity and performance. Helps identify the right employees for promotion. Improves workforce planning, including managing workloads and delegation. Boost employee retention/reduces employee turnover. Gives employees more autonomy to manage their responsibilities. What is performance management? Defined by the CIPD as “the activities and processes…

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Why should you be using an HR SaaS system?

5 reasons why you should be using an HR SaaS system

By HR Software, Software, Technology

The last decade has seen HR technology make a complete u-turn. Legacy HR software that is hosted on-premise and manually updated by clients has become a distant memory for many organisations in favour of HR SaaS systems. There’s a reason why the global SaaS HR software market has been estimated at over £11.5bn (Marketwatch.com, 2019). What is SaaS HR software? HR Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS) is software that users access online via the Internet. Also known as cloud HR software, these solutions mean users don’t need to physically install anything on their computers. Nor is there any need for wildly expensive…

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