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It’s time to re-onboard your employees who started remotely during lockdown, here are 5 ways on how to do it

By Employee Relations, Employee Retention, Health and Wellbeing, Onboarding

If you or your company has onboarded a new starter in the last 18 months, there’s a very strong chance that they’ve never stepped foot inside your physical office. But with teams around the country beginning to return to the office, are you ready to re-onboard those of your staff who started remotely? We all know that when an employee joins a team, we need to onboard them, and we’ve been doing that for as long as most of us have been working, but since COVID-19 hit at the start of 2020, we’ve been doing it remotely. Therefore, given that…

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Should you re-onboard new starters?

With a return to work, should you re-onboard employees who started remotely during a lockdown?

By Employee Engagement, HR News

Onboarding is a broad term that captures many of the critical moments when a new starter joins your company and begins when your new candidate accepts their job offer from your business. Yet despite what COVID-19 has thrown at us, one common theme remains, onboarding is the process that ensures your new starters are ready for whatever comes at them, whether they’re based at home or in the office. But if your new starter joined your business virtually, and you’re planning on moving back to the office, should you consider re-onboarding them to an extent, or was your initial onboarding…

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employee onboarding

4 benefits of delivering a good employee on-boarding experience

By Employee Engagement, Employee Retention

Employee on-boarding is defined by the CIPD as “the whole process from an individual’s contact with the organisation before they formally join, through to understanding the business’ ways of working and getting up to speed in their job.” The first few weeks for any new hire can be critical in forming a lasting impression that can impact performance, engagement and ultimately, retention. But 15% of new hires that resign within the first three months cite a lack of on-boarding process as a major contributor to their decision to leave. No matter how prepared a new hire is for a role,…

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