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How can HR software cut your recruitment costs?

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The cost of a new staff member can be eye-watering. A study by Oxford Economics revealed that replacing a member of staff can cost upwards of £30,000 per employee. This includes advertising for the job, bonuses, office equipment, training and other HR and recruitment costs. Whether you choose to source candidates yourself using social media and jobsites or enlist the help of a recruitment agency, it’s clear that finding a new recruit is certainly not cheap. Modern HR software can enable recruitment professionals to simplify their processes and save a significant amount of time and money when sourcing new recruits….

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How to implement the right Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) in your business

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Better known as Applicant Tracking Software, ATS is software that streamlines your entire recruitment and hiring needs, bringing the entire process online. The right ATS will help you with recruitment tasks such as job descriptions, posting roles on job boards and storing candidate information in an organised and centralised way. Now, more than ever, it is important that your company uses recruitment technology. Not only will this make your entire hiring process more efficient, but will ensure your candidates have the very best experience with your company from day one. When you’re choosing an Applicant Tracking System for your company,…

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How to attract and retain the best talent

How to attract and retain the best talent

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As businesses compete for a finite pool of talent, attracting candidates away from your competitors and retaining them can prove to be a significant challenge for HR teams and recruiters. As the workforce demographic changes, businesses must be able to adapt and consider what the next generation finds attractive about a prospective employer. Businesses are now faced with the challenge of engaging talent to not only ensure they find their work rewarding but that it also supports a greater purpose. So how can you attract and retain the very best talent? It goes without saying that the current job market…

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what is employer branding

What is employer branding and why should you care?

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Recent research by analyst firm, Gartner has revealed that 62% of chief human resources officers (CHROs) report that their organisation’s talent attraction strategy is not aligned with their future workforce needs. Citing employer branding as one of the most important parts of attracting talent, Gartner’s research paints a worrying picture for firms that are hiring. While employment in the UK is at its highest since 1971, employers need to find distinctive ways to stand out from the crowd in what has become an employee’s market. Employer branding can help businesses to do just that. With a similar purpose to your…

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