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    Here is what just some of our happy customers had to say about Natural HR

Natural HR has made our clients’ processes more streamlined and therefore better managed. Natural HR’s general flexibility and willingness to take on board and act upon suggestions. Also the speed of response from the support team is always great.

Chris Miles - Menzies LLP

This system has saved us a small fortune in HR costs. We were previously signed up to an extortionate 3 year HR contract with a company that we chose based on the availability of an online system for staff to be able to book holidays without travelling to head office (we a have multisite coffee shop operation). Needless to say it was clunky and didn’t work properly. Natural HR works properly and does so much more! It provides an amazing system that allows staff to manage every aspect of their job from home, with all the info they need in one place, and allows us to manage our HR systems seamlessly and efficiently. I absolutely love it!

Lou Henry - Opposite Cafe

Natural HR has grown from a useful tool to an essential component ultimately streamlining of our daily operations when dealing with employees in various locations. I am impressed with Natural HR’s capabilities. The basic setup was easy and you are only required to get as detailed as you desire. Most software solutions overload you with options and things I just don’t utilize, not the case with Natural HR. The staff is great and their how-to manual is excellent. I first noticed this service about 2 years ago and was somewhat impressed and, although I tried MANY services out there, I came back and have never been happier.

Nick Martin - Texas Metro Protection and Investigations, LLC

Natural HR changed the way we do business. I own a talent management company, and constantly have to search on my employees. The search feature that Natural HR offers is FANTASTIC!

Candice Cain - Cain Casting & Talent Management

Natural HR is great for any size business whether you are small or you are rapidly growing like us. Natural HR not only allows you to manage your back office but it has employee capabilities to give them access on their end to review time-sheets and etc. Another one of my favorite features of Natural HR is that you can link them to your website to post jobs you are hiring for. Most of all it seemed so self explanatory to me I never picked up the manual they gave me to understand how to use their product. Overall Natural HR has many quality’s and features in an all in one function that other company’s don’t offer. I would defiantly recommend Natural HR!

Latoya Blowe - Alpha and Omega Repair Inc

I have been really impressed with the system, can’t believe it is so easy to use! The support have been fast and responsive. I would highly recommend this product to anyone!

James Barber - Harvey Wells

The system has made our lives much easier because all of the employee information is stored in one place rather than on numerous Excel spreadsheets as it was previously. We love the simplicity for creating reports at the hit of one button, it’s extremely user friendly. We have only recently started trialling it but the self-service system will be particularly beneficial for employees that are not based in the office on a day-to-day basis. The online support portal is really good and easy to use, most of the problems that we have faced have been solved via this portal.

Louisa van Vessem - Blackstar Amplification Limited

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Simplified our HR records systems and enabled our staff to participate in their record keeping of HR information. We had plenty of support as to how to resolve problems that we had created ourselves when setting up the system! You don’t need to set up huge amounts of information to get going, you can add to it ‘as and when’ even when the holiday system is working live and the staff find it easy to access and there has not been many who have needed support to do this

Karen Leader - Barrier Air Conditioning Ltd

Quite simply an essential part of the HR management for our busy law firm. Well organised and easy to use by both staff and managers. When it came time to move from a paper-based to a cloud-based system, we undertook a lot of research before settling on Natural HR. We have not been disappointed!

Alaric H. Walmsley - Linskills Solicitors

Natural HR has made life simple for us and provided us with the opportunity to focus on what is important; our People. As we continue to grow, we continue to use and scale Natural HR as our HRIS system. The responsiveness of the Natural HR support team is fantastic and demonstrates a high level of focus toward customer satisfaction and service. We are excited to see what the future will bring as Natural HR continues to grow and enhance its already fantastic product.

Bryan McCartney - Biosolar

Excellent adaptability to developing needs of HR records and process management. I was impressed from the start by the obvious responsiveness reflected in the most recent updates to the system, and am still discovering features that are surprisingly practical.

KM Hill - The Bertossi Group

Support is very responsive and quick to help resolve issues – and they actually integrate user suggestions and feature requests. I have read (and re-read) the security assurances and am quite satisfied our information is safe and secure. I couldn’t ever go back to using spreadsheets and email time-off requests after using NaturalHR.

Mark Edwards - Whiting Law

Fantastic, easy-to-use software with outstanding client support. I put in a request to add multiple time off types as well as multiple time off balances. These major programming change were implemented within 3 weeks. I really appreciate the rapid responses I received from the customer service team.Any question I had was answered within a couple of hours.

Joanne Pendon - QC Career School

When I first began using Natural HR, it was an impressive system, however, it was geared to UK users. I made a feature request asking them to make it more USA friendly. They have done that. You need a software company who not only takes feature requests, but who will actually follow through and deliver them. Natural HR does this!! Natural HR has helped me eliminate the mounds of chaotic HR paperwork, allowing me to electronically and securely store my data in a manner that is intuitive and easy to retrieve. There are many systems out there but few are as comprehensive and easy to use. The self service portal is fabulous!! It allows staff to input and update their own information, taking the burden off me. Not to mention, it is also very user friendly.

Shayla Chambless - Options Urgent Care & Wellness Centre

Interface is very open and airy. Workflows are very intuitive and easy to master – Not a single crash since I have started using it….. you guys have the quality nailed. Just one word – awesome!

Carolin Daye - Azara

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I began my search for HR software several weeks ago. My requirements for a HR application were as follows: 1) be able to access employee records from anywhere (i.e., cloud-based), 2) the ability to add users with various limits of access, 3) the ability to set alerts/reminders as various items in an employee’s file expire, and 4) the ability to upload supporting documents. I had located several HR applications; however, the vast majority of them are simply cost prohibitive to a small company. I was absolutely amazed when I discovered Natural HR! And then I began using it… I continue to be amazed that an application such as this exists with the flexibility that it has! I cannot recommend Natural HR enough!

Douglas Cromwell - The Haven Family Care Homes

An easy to use, effective, safe and efficient HR system that saves considerable time and paperwork. We have several branches in China and our staff are all able to use the various features with ease. Prior to using the Natural HR system we relied heavily on paperwork for time sheets and leave applications with no real overview of vacation scheduling – now we can avoid potential problems with a clear picture. Many people fear change, the ease & clarity of Natural HR & the fact that it saves them time has meant that even the most ardent of technophobes is willing to use the system.

Robert Goble - Tandem Global Logistics

This is an excellent cloud based HR system. We have been using Natural HR for the past 5 months and it has made the vacation processing and planning a simple task. Our employees truly enjoy the ease of use. It is an extremely powerful system.

Jeffrey Brown - Dragone Macau Limited

Extremely User Friendly and Covers all what an HR person would ever need. It’s very easy and usable interface and its complete HR features that we ever needed Natural HR Customer support are very attentive, professional and solved my account problem in no time which exceeded my expectations.

Heba Yehia - Swipe n Tap

Easy to use online interface which has all the functionality we need and more, plus it’s enabled our organisation to greatly improve our HR processes and procedures. Support response is not only quick but it’s helpful and resolves any issues which have arisen. Being online is great, it means as HR manager I can access anywhere and monitor all staff performances etc. It’s just a great software which has made my life as HR manager much easier.

Lisa Rice - IT Worx

This is an awesome HR tool. The support team is very quick in replying and solving problems.

Tahmina Jahan - Rocket Internet