Time off manager

Leave management, vacation management, absence management, timeoff – call it what you will. Our time off manager tool is the main reason most companies start to look at HR software – when managing timeoff becomes painful or too difficult for Excel this usually signals the beginning of the journey toward finding a suitable HR solution. Our leave management systems are simple to use and make your life easier.

As one of the most used functions in Natural HR, the time off manager offers an incredibly powerful and flexible leave management system which can be customised fully to meet almost every possible company requirement. There’s no need for a long vacation request form, the application is sent straight to the administrator.


Our vast array of time off manager options include:

  1. Do you want your holiday year to start on a fixed date or on the anniversary of the employee start date?
  2. Do you want to allow carryover? If so, what date does it expire and how many days (or hours) can the employee carryover?
  3. Do you want employees to only be able to book timeoff which they have actually accrued? For example, at the end of month 1 they can book only 1/12 of their annual allowance?
  4. Do you want to be able to define mandatory days which everyone must take and which get automatically factored in when employees submit requests which span one of these days?
  5. Do you want to allow employees to accrue timeoff in lieu which can be automatically linked to the timesheets they submit?
  6. Over what period do you want your Bradford Factor score to be based?
  7. What are your company normal working days?
  8. What days are your individual employees normal working days or hours per day?
  9. Do you want to allow your employees to enter / change the number of days or hours when requesting timeoff?
  10. Do you want to round up timeoff balances?
  11. Do you want to be able to set different settings on a site / country basis? For example, site 1 holiday year beings on Jan 01 with no carryover but site two holiday year begins on 01 April and they can carryover a maximum of 5 days until the end of July in the same year.
  12. Do you want to have UNLIMITED time off types with flexible options for each type? For example:
    • Does the timeoff have an allowance?
    • Is that allowance from a pool or is their individual allowance per type?
    • Is the timeoff pre authorised?
    • Is it paid?
    • Does it require a return to work?
    • Can employees request timeoff of this type?
    • How much information on requests of this type is visible on the public calendar?

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Timeoff approval

Timeoff can either be entered directly by a manager or HR with no need for additional approval or via self service by an employee whereupon a notification is sent to their manager and, optionally, a designated approver for approval.

Note: A manager/HR cannot enter timeoff for themselves except via self service whereby it will be sent to their manager for approval.

The request also shows in the managers workflow so even if they miss the email they will still see the request when then log in and we also automatically send reminder emails for unapproved requests.

Additionally, all requests show on both HR and admin workflow until approved so, if a request has not been approved inside a few days, HR can then either action the request or contact the manager for clarification.

When the request is processed, the employee then gets a notification letting them know it has been processed.

Employee map

An additional feature of Natural HR is the employee map – this is a year view calendar which combines information from the normal employee working days, timesheets and timeoff to give a colour coded representation of their attendance.

Days where the employee was meant to be working, did not have approved time off but did not submit a timesheet are flagged as are any unapproved timeoff so you can see all the unapproved days in a year for each employee allowing you to spot any patterns which may occur.

This information is also available in report format for a rolling 60 days whereby you can show all employees and dates where the employee was not on approved time off, it was a normal working day but there is no timesheet.

These both combined allow manager (and finance) to identify gaps in employee attendance which either need clarification or for which they should not be paid reducing the amount of administration whilst also ensuring the company only pays what it needs to pay.