Timesheets is the feature which brought Natural HR into existence in 2010 and it remains one of the most used features of the platform.

Timesheets is just one solution we offer to allow companies to record the times their staff are working. We also offer Time tracking which is a web based clocking system whereby the employee clocks in when they start work and clocks out when they finish.

Timesheets are tightly integrated with both the employee working pattern as well as the employee’s timeoff record. For example, if an employee is only meant to work Monday to Friday then you can stop them from entering timesheets for a Saturday – alternatively you can let them enter timesheets for any day and the system will highlight those days which they are meant to work.

Additionally, if an employee is on leave for a given day the same process will be applied – they will not be allowed to enter a timesheet when they are not meant to be in the office.

When an employee actually enters a timesheet they can enter as many times per day as they need each with its own reference – the reference could be a project name, a customer name or whatever you like. By default, reference is simply a text field but you can choose to pre populate a list with your defined references so employees can only choose from those you allow them to.


Timesheet reporting

When reporting on timesheets we offer two main options – we offer a report which shows the number of hours worked by employee per week which is typically used by payroll or finance so they can ensure the employee is paid for the correct number of hours.

Another timesheet report is the timesheet data report breaks down all the individual entries used within timesheets including the timesheet reference and allows you to then filter the report by reference. This reference could be a customer name, a project name or anything else you want to report on.

For example, you can run a report which shows you the total hours worked on Project Alpha in December 2014 – this can also be used by finance but possibly this time to allow you to bill a client or cross charge another department based on the time spent on a reference.

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Timesheet approval

Once an employee has finished their timesheet they then are required to accept a customisable message confirming the timesheet is accurate and so on and it then gets routed to their manager and/or approver for approval with an email notification.

Like with timeoff, the timesheet itself gets displayed on the manager’s workflow so even if a manager misses the email they can still see the request and it also gets displayed on the workflow of HR and admin users as a fallback. When processed, the employee then gets notified by email of the outcome.

Employee map

An additional feature of Natural HR is the employee map – this is a year view calendar which combines information from the normal employee working days, timesheets and timeoff to give a colour coded representation of their attendance.

Days where the employee was meant to be working, did not have approved time off but did not submit a timesheet are flagged as are any unapproved timeoff so you can see all the unapproved days in a year for each employee allowing you to spot any patterns which may occur.

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This information is also available in report format for a rolling 60 days whereby you can show all employees and dates where the employee was not on approved time off, it was a normal working day but there is no timesheet.

These both combined allow manager (and finance) to identify gaps in employee attendance which either need clarification or for which they should not be paid reducing the amount of administration whilst also ensuring the company only pays what it needs to pay.