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Developing a streamlined approach to a compelling EVP

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What was covered?

Employee engagement specialist, Andrew Platt-Higgins, explored how to achieve great employee value proposition (EVP) results in an easy-to-follow roadmap, from defining objectives and managing stakeholders to brand toolkits and adapting your EVP to different audiences and markets.
  • How to define the EVP and the value it brings to the employing organisation.
  • The role of employer branding in wider corporate reputation efforts.
  • Why the skills required to define and project the EVP are becoming essential for all HR practitioners.
  • How to structure a streamlined, inexpensive EVP development programme that will deliver measurable improvement.

About the speaker

Andrew Platt-Higgins has spent twenty years at the UK’s leading full-service employee communications agency, designing and delivering insight, digital, employer brand and managed recruitment solutions.

In 2011, he joined Unilever as Global Communications Director, Employee Engagement where he led landmark internal communications events, campaigns around sustainability and business purpose, extensive change communications and Unilever’s first-ever Values campaign.

He later joined Brunswick, advising on the employee dimension of a range of business-critical issues, from M&A, IPO and post-merger integration to leadership change, compliance and risk management.

Now an independent consultant, Andrew’s recent projects have included EVP development for BMW in the UK and the Middle East, a new colleague brand for the Co-Op and a Centenary refresh of British Airways’ EVP and colleague communications.

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