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Workplace wellbeing

It all starts with you

Dr. Dee Gray

What we covered

Director of Gray’s Wellbeing, Dr Dee Gray showcased how HR can use recovery time to manage workplace demands and prevent burnout.
  • Does your wellbeing strategy include you?
  • How do you take care of your ‘self’ when you are in the ‘peripheral’ spaces of wellbeing?
  • Are you thinking strategically about recovery time in order to fuel your power of return to being your ‘best self’?


About the speaker

Dr. Dee Gray – Director

Dee is Director of Gray’s Wellbeing Ltd, Director of the Young Carers Academy, and Fellow and Councillor of the Royal Society of Arts. Dee’s career spans that of academia, government, public and third sectors, and she has held senior strategic roles in each area. Dee is an international trainer and speaker, and author on wellbeing.

She is the author of the peer-reviewed, published and acclaimed ‘best self’ approach and method, which forms the core of Wellbeing training and coaching at Gray’s.

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