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How to push shutdown days for the new year

If your business has any scheduled shutdown days, you will need to ensure these are pushed to all employees at the beginning of the holiday year.

Depending on your business, you may need to push your shutdown days for the coming year. These may be used over the Christmas period where your business is closed between Christmas and the New Year, for example.

Unlike mandatory holidays, shutdown days create a physical time-off record in the system which can be manipulated in the same way as a normal time-off request. Importantly, your employees are unable to edit or delete shutdown days.

Shutdown days should be pushed to your employees at the beginning of a new year. To do this, click Time and Attendance from the left-hand menu bar followed by Holidays.

From here, click Add in the bottom left corner to add this year’s shutdown days. Complete the relevant information and set the holiday type to ‘shutdown’.

To push these shutdown days to your employees, click the button labelled ‘Push shutdown days.’

Next, choose who these shutdown days apply to – you can choose all employees or specify which cohort of employees these shutdown days affect (by job role, department, manager or site, for example). Choose ’employees’ to select which employees these shutdown days apply to. Or, you can choose ‘metadata’ to push these shutdown days to individual roles, departments and so on.

That’s it! You’re all done.

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